Under the Boot

America’s federal democracy has had its say.  The test:  whether the people would come around, or tread on even more.

Pronounced dead, apparently the funeral got to be a little too much for the corpse —— condition upgraded to critical.

Nonetheless, witness how far and how fast the general decline, and wonder whether Americans are conscious and alert enough to grasp that the government has effectively created its own national society —— of the government, by the government, for the government, without a modicum of fidelity to the law of the land, smothered in money and fueled by a financial system that encourages national disloyalty, shopping the world for others more willing to serve it, choosing to import a new electorate rather than serve its own people —— a brooding national superstate founded by itself.

Diagnosis:  the country is alive and unwell.  Prognosis hopeful.